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Crossbow Shooting Championship 3D Full

4.8 ( 5488 ratings )
Giochi Sport
Sviluppatore Tayga Games OOO
3.99 USD

Have you ever dreamed of fame of William Tell or other famous crossbowmen? Become a real sharpshooter just like a famous medieval heroes, surpass other shooter’s mastery and win the contest!

Welcome to the crossbow archery contest! Be patient and accurate as a real arbalest at the ambush, tense the bowstring, aim the target and shot right at the bullseye! Feel yourself as a real medieval master shooter with great archery simulator for all ages - Crossbow Shooting Championship game in 3D!

Complete different missions, surpass other shooters and become a winner! Earn points to upgrade your crossbow and bolts or unlock new ones. Try different crossbows, compel it qualities and choose the best for each type of missions. Choose right shooting angle, make allowances for the wind and hit the target! Touch the screen to control a crossbow, string’s tension and power of shot!

To become the real master arbalest, you should pass uneasy experience and intense trainings! Raise up your shooting skills, hunt wild beasts and aim targets as a real medieval arbalest! Hit the targets on time to achieve the highest results! Feel the pride of real crossbow master playing Crossbow Shooting Championship 3D!

Crossbow Shooting Championship 3D features:
• Intuitive control
• Amazing 3D graphics
• Different and interesting missions
• Wide range of unlockable crossbows and bolts – try all of them

Tense the string, take a bolt from the quiver, choose your target and shoot! Achieve the fame comparable with the famous sharpshooters like Willian Tell with our Crossbow Shooting Championship 3D game!